What you should have if you want to hunt bigfoot

What you will need for most day and night expeditions:
Copy of the Bigfoot Survival Guide
Camera, video and still capable
Motion camera with flash
Audio recording device
GPS (map location of tracks, broken tree limbs, sightings)
Deer Urine (for attraction)
Deer (doe) call
Camouflaged/dark clothing
Cell phone (satellite capable preferred)
Bait/Food, preferably meat (rotting = ok)
Bear mace
Knife (self defense only)
Flare gun
Range Finder
Pad/Paper for note taking
Tree stands
Blinds (camo tents, etc)
First-Aid kit
Water Purification System
Insect Repellent
Fishing Poles (Fresh bait is useful)
Stun gun
Net gun
Night vision goggles


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