The Day Bigfoot Came Into My Life

It was late September in 2014. I was hunting a piece of land that I have permission to hunt in mid eastern Missouri along the edge of the Mississippi River. The Leaves were still green with just a hint of winter to come. I wasn’t having any luck that day so around an hour before dark I moved to a bottom were a creek runs thru and the deer have a place were they cross. I didn’t have a stand or anything with me not even my little fold out stool so I found a root wad along the edge of the creek facing the crossing and settled down. All I had with me was an old recurve Barnett crossbow you had to be within 25 yards or so if you hope to make the kill and that may have been iffy . It was still very thick in the woods visibility was only about 30 yards at best and not in all directions.

After about 45 minutes or so about 15 min. till dark dark I was starting to think about giving up and just then a blood curdling howl like scream so loud that you could feel it vibrate in your chest came from my right hand side on the other side of the creek or I thought that’s were it came from.

If you have ever stared death in the eye for a brief moment ,like you almost had a car wreck or something so bad is about to happen that your hart starts to pound and you know you should run but your body wont move that is how I felt. I didn’t move a muscle I don’t even think I was breathing . What ever this was it was big enough to eat me and I was convicted that that is what it was going to do.

I sat and listened wandering if it knew I was there and hoping to hear it walk away so I could get a better Idea of were it was ,IT SOUNDED REAL CLOSE, It was going to be real dark soon and I never heard it walk away or make anymore sounds and I had to go about 200 yards to get to the truck. After about probably 10 min. that seemed like hours I decided to make for the truck and that I did never looking back moving as fast as I could go.

I tell you it took me a year before I would go back out in them woods . I have never been scared of the woods before I have hunted since I was old enough to hold a gun .

I came straight home and started searching domestic animal sounds for my area and the only thing I found was a clip on YouTube called the Ohio man howl


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